Hair Salon to Save Those with Unruly Hair

Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture

Innovation in Creating a Special Salon Space

Shadowless Lighting Set


“STAR” means the main character in English and “ESPACE” means space. STAR ESPACE is a new next generation hair salon space which specializes in creating the best hair style for our clients.

Generally speaking, hair salons can be in 4 types -sophisticated café type, relaxing space type like a hotel lobby, open display space type and salon type run by independent hairdressers.

Whichever the salon type is, all salons have one fact that the hairdressers can see the head top only while giving haircuts as most salons have ceiling lights only.

Our shadowless lighting set has 40-50 LED bulbs which surround the client like a dome-like set. The lighting set gives the enough light from every direction and makes it possible for the hairdresser to check the hair texture thoroughly.

The lighting set makes no shadow and it helps the hairdressers to do the dry cutting, styling and coloring as well as counseling with our clients. It is an energy saving, non-glaring, soft-to-the-eye lighting but it guarantees 5000 luces or more.

Developing the Shadowless Lighting Set

Prototype Development

In order to develop the original shadowless lighting set, we asked the industry design experts for advice and developed a 1/10 size miniature prototype model. We purchased the necessary items at local hardware stores. It took about 2 months to complete the model which can be the base prototype for the real size product.

“Visible” System

At STAR ESPACE, we share the images of the client’s side and back of the head on a screen while cutting so that we can cater to his/her detailed request. We also take a movie every time they come and keep a cutting record of each client.