Hair Salon to Save Those with Unruly Hair

Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture

Tatebayashi Salon

Hairstyle Fix Master

Since Mr. Ishikura, the owner started his salon in Tatebayashi, his hometown, he has been well known as a hairstyle fix master, hairstyle doctor or hairstyle repairman. It is our great pleasure to satisfy our clients for their uncontrollable hairstyle just by giving a trimming or a haircut.

When he was teaching at a hairdresser school in Tokyo, he took an important role not only in making the cutting model feel happy, but also in encouraging the student in training even if the student had done something wrong in cutting.

Mr. Ishikura, the hairstyle fix master is committed to save those who have a great distress to their unruly hair with his original hair cutting techniques called Ishikura Cut and STAR ESPACE(shadowless lighting set).

Hairstyle Fix Master
Takao Ishikura

Salon Feature

The salon relocated to the current location in 2011 and it has been a place to practically give our service based on our new salon space concept. It is not a luxurious space for VIPs at hotels, but it provides our clients with the suitable environment for making best hairstyle.

Ladies Only
Reservation required
Private Salon


1-5-7 Honcho,
Tatebayashi City,
Gunma Prefecture
374-0024 Japan


Access by Car

  • ・Approx. 10 min. drive from Tatebayashi IC,
      Tohoku Motorway
  • ・Free parking is available.

Access by Train

  • ・Approx. 12 min. walk from
      Tatebayashi Station on Tobu Line
  • ・It is in the vicinity of
      Tatebayashi Post Office.