Hair Salon to Save Those with Unruly Hair

Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture

Ishikura Style Haircut

Haircut Techniques and Skills

The current haircut techniques available among hairdressers
in Japan are originally developed in Britain.
They are not best fit for most Japanese who typically have
strong, stiff, hirsute and unruly hair texture and Asian facial features.

We strive to produce beautifully crafted haircuts with a strong emphasis
on re-creation at home by giving “dry haircuts”. We also develop our own cutting tools.

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Innovation in Creating a Special Salon Space

STAR ESPACE is our salon space which has dome shaped shadowless lighting set with 48 bulbs.

It can dramatically change the cutting finish quality.
The lighting set makes it easier for the hairdresser to see every side of
the client’s hairstyle including the hairline along the neck. By checking the hair condition thoroughly,
we can make sure that all clients get the best possible finish.

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Tatebayashi Salon