Hair Salon to Save Those with Unruly Hair

Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture

Ishikura Style Haircut
Haircut Techniques and Skills

“Dry Haircuts“

The current haircut techniques available among hairdressers in Japan are originally developed in Britain. They are not best fit for most Japanese who typically have strong, stiff, hirsute and unruly hair texture and Asian facial features.

In addition, the wet hair after shampoo has a totally different texture from the original hair when it is dry. When the hair is wet, the hair can be less frizzy, kinky or setaceous. So, whatever we create in the salon without taking control of the hair in dry condition cannot be easily re-created by our clients at home.

We can provide haircuts called “Dry Haircuts” which enable our clients to re-create the finish we did by themselves at home. If we give the dry haircuts in a regular salon set, however, it is hard to see the client’s head clearly with shadows on the hairline along the neck.


Cutting Tools(Registered Design)

“Dry Haircuts” cannot be possible without our original design cutting scissors. It can cater to many hairstyles by changing the way to hold the scissors.

It has an innovative long finger grip for precise dry cutting techniques (Photo: Chop Cut Technique to hold the scissors upside down)

Just one type of scissors with an ergonomic design gives the hairdressers no burden on the wrist. It can do all work without changing the type of scissors which is designed for a particular cutting technique.

Blunt Cutting Technique
Chop Cutting Technique
Stroke Cutting Technique

We have worked on developing our ideal scissors for last 20 years. Our original design of the cutting scissors has been officially registered. Hair styling starts with cutting techniques. We are determined to strive to be a front runner to save people who have hard time finding their best-fit hair salon by challenging our techniques and skills.